Casey Denson Law, Employment Attorney in New Orleans, Louisiana

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The United States Constitution protects individuals from unlawful search, seizure and arrests, the use of excessive force, and from malicious prosecution. Police also cannot target individuals for engaging in First Amendment protected Free Speech.

Ms. Denson has helped individuals mistreated by the police. She has represented people who were maliciously prosecuted, subjected to unlawful searches, illegally arrested, had their First Amendment rights violated, and those who were injured after the use of excessive force.

Casey Denson Law represents individuals victimized by police misconduct in lawsuits against state and local governments, and works toward settlements to resolve these claims.


Incarcerated individuals are entitled to medical care, and to protection from the abuse that often occurs when incarcerated. The United States Constitution requires that inmates are treated humanely.

Ms. Denson has represented individuals attacked, and in some cases raped, by guards or other inmates, and represented the family members of individuals who died in jail after the guards failed to provide medical treatment or proper supervision.

Casey Denson Law represents prisoners whose rights have been violated. Working to protect your legal claims, prepare for litigation, and work toward a settlement, is complicated and time consuming. Working with Casey Denson Law can help you work toward vindicating your rights during this difficult time.