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Our Mission

Casey Denson Law, LLC was established in 2018 in New Orleans, LA as an employment and civil rights focused law firm.

Our mission is to ensure social justice by investigating, negotiating, and litigating claims for any person who was treated unfairly or subjected to discrimination. Our goals are to make certain that our clients have equal opportunities and a chance to succeed using the core values of compassion, honesty, and fairness.

We conduct consultations with all potential clients and encourage early communication with an attorney to allow for the best possible outcome for each client’s unique situation. We urge clients to discuss potential cases first before taking any action to ensure that they are protecting their rights.

About Casey Denson

Mrs. Denson graduated magna cum laude from Tulane University, and later, magna cum laude from Tulane Law School. While at Tulane Law she was a managing editor of the Tulane Law Review and was awarded the honor of membership in the Order of the Coif because she graduated in the top 3% of her class. After graduating from law school, Mrs. Denson served as a clerk for the Honorable John Conery in Franklin, Louisiana before relocating to New York City where she gained experience in the public sector working both as a public defender and a child protective services attorney.

In 2015, Mrs. Denson moved to Denver, Colorado, where she joined the prestigious firm of Killmer, Lane & Newman, LLP as an Associate Attorney, litigating a wide array of civil rights and employment discrimination matters in federal and state court. After the birth of her second child, Mrs. Denson joined the firm of Benezra & Culver, where she continued to represent employees and individuals whose civil rights had been violated, further demonstrating her commitment to these complicated areas of practice. In 2018, Mrs. Denson returned home to New Orleans, LA and established Casey Denson Law, LLC.

Mrs. Denson has represented a broad array of clients including public employees being discriminated against by schools, universities, hospitals, and the city, state and federal government. She has represented employee’s of private companies (including in manufacturing, finance, oil and gas, utilities, and health care) helping employees to recover compensation for unlawful behavior. She has represented both students and teachers, who have been retaliated against for fighting discrimination in educational institutions. Mrs. Denson is passionate about her clients and creative in her ability to achieve her client’s objective whether that is compensation or vindication by another means. She has successfully represented clients from diverse backgrounds with complicated legal situations. Some representative cases include the following:

-The family of a man in Summit County, Colorado who was left to die from alcohol withdrawal in his jail cell sued the County. That lawsuit resulted in a $3.5 million dollar settlement.

-Exotic dancers that were unfairly compensated by their employer. Mrs. Denson ensured they were paid minimum wage in compliance with the Federal Labor Standards Act. This case was nominated for the 2016 “Case of the Year” by the Colorado Trial Lawyer’s Association.

-Numerous individuals were awarded a $400,000 settlement after being falsely arrested and maliciously prosecuted by the City of Trinidad, Colorado based solely on the words of unreliable confidential informants.

-Police brutality: A shop owner was exposed to excessive force by Denver Police Officers and ultimately the client received a settlement of $50,000.  

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