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Employees who are harassed and discriminated against are protected by federal and state law. Employers cannot discriminate against employees or potential employees based on their gender, race, age, national origin, disability, pregnancy, or sexual orientation. Educational institutions, and public accommodations, are also prohibited from discriminating against individuals.

Examples of discrimination may appear straightforward as in cases of sexual harassment by a supervisor. However, many other acts of discrimination occur, but are harder to identify. These may include:

1)   Not being hired or promoted due to discrimination;

2)   Not receiving the same salary or benefits for the same work when compared to other colleagues;

3)   A hostile work environment; or

4)   The removal of job duties.


State and federal law prevents employers from retaliating against employees for complaining about discrimination, applying for worker’s compensation, asking for accommodations or leave, engaging in speech protected by the First Amendment, and engaging in other protected activities.

Ms. Denson has experience representing currrent, and former, employees who were retaliated against by private companies and public employers.

Casey Denson Law can protect potential claims by ensuring that these claims are filed with the proper agency or court, and work with your employer toward obtaining a potential settlement.


Employees are entitled to accommodations to allow them to continue to work if they are disabled, and employers are not allowed to retaliate against employees who require accommodations.

Ms. Denson has represented police officers, sales professionals, professors, and many other employees, as they worked to secure accommodations, or after they were terminated for seeking accommodations.

Let Casey Denson Law help you contact your employer to address potential violations of the law, bring your claims in administrative agencies, and litigate illegal retaliation.


State and federal law requires that employees are paid on time, and for their full wages. Employees are also entitled to minimum wage. We represent employees to help them receive payment for these wages, and any additional funds they may be entitled to under state and federal law.

Ms. Denson has experience representing employees across different industries,to ensure that they are promptly, and fully, paid. She has even helped those who thought they might not be entitled to minimum wage, to secure the payment of back wages for years of illegal underpayment by their bosses. 


Many employees who require medical leave, or need to care for a family member, are entitled to take time off from work. Not only are employers required to provide most employees with time off, but they are not allowed to retaliate against employees who request, or take time. We can help you work with your employer to ensure you have the leave you need.

Casey Denson Law can help you determine if you are entitled to protected leave and represent employees in lawsuits, and settlement negotiations, to help them receive compensation for losses incurred from illegal employment practices.


State and federal law protects employees who report workplace safety issues, environmental dangers, and other unlawful activities. Employers are not allowed to retaliate against whistleblowers.

Ms. Denson has represented many city and state employees, and employees working for private companies, who were fired for trying to make sure their employer complied with the law.

If you are fired, forced to quit, lose a promotion or are otherwise harmed because you are whistleblower, Casey Denson Law can help you work with administrative agencies, and the courts, to try to get compensation for your losses.